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Persian interior
shadishadishadi: your tumblr is so cool and cultural - i LOVE it! Its so nice that youre also from england, where abouts are you based? Im from London x

Aaah thanks so much!! You’re so sweet! :) I’m from London too!

deserrtrain: Hello! First of all, I want to say that I adore your blog. I am an european girl and I really want to travel to Iran and Afghanistan. Is it safe for me to go there?

Hi!! Thank you so much!! Really appreciate it. As far as Iran is concerned 100%. The country is stable and people are hospitable and friendly. Of course you need to be careful like any country, there are bad bits and good bits of any city. But there are many reputable tourist companies that will provide a package so you’re always with a guide and other people. I see many many tourists every time I go, especially German and American tourists for some reason haha.

As for Afghanistan, I wouldn’t exactly recommend it. I mean I have friends that go to Kabul and they’re fine but they’re guys first of all and second of all they come from there. I would love to go myself. I know of two women that went to Afghanistan who were not from there to help as part of a UN infrastructure building thing but they were with a lot of UN people etc. It is a breathtakingly beautiful country but I think as a woman it’s difficult. The culture is far far more traditional than Iran and there’s a small Taliban issue right? :( I don’t want to knock it down, I’m not from there and maybe I’m wrong. I don’t want to offend anyone. Any Afghan friends want to help out?

Elizabeth Taylor in Shiraz - Iran
Darrakeh - Tehran, Iran