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Ali, from Majid Majidi's Children of Heaven [1997]

Imperial Bank of Persia, Tehran (1909)

Iranian model wearing ancient Persian jewelry from the Louvre in Paris, 1976.

Dezful Waterfall, Iran
Museum of Cultural Hats - Shiraz, Iran

Internal Pentagon “investigation” determined it was an “error.” No one was punished, much less allowed to say a U.S. warship had no business being there.

There are videos of parts of the Persian gulf with floating bodies and turned red with all the blood. Yet somehow, this has been entirely overlooked. Add this to the list of Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Vietnam and other atrocities the US has gotten away with and the world has accepted all too easily. US does not want Iran to possess nuclear weapons for fear of what they might do with it, a country which has not been the aggressor, only self defender in war for hundreds upon hundreds of years. Whilst they have been endorsing pain and suffering as recently as this year with 3.1 billion dollars of aid to Israel to bomb a population equipped with dust and stones.  Enough.

Dancing Persian Girl
Persia (Iran) - the first quarter of the 20th centuryFrom the collection of Olga Davidson; Project at Harvard University (USA), "Women's Words Qajar Iran"
Anonymous: are you iranian?

Yessssss. 100% and proud ;)